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  Amnesty says Jews building houses are "war crimes"

Amnesty wants to evict 225,000 Jews

Supporting jihadis not prisoners of conscience

Supporting Islamists

Amnesty is anti-Israel

Amnesty says America runs a "gulag"

Mission creep



Amnesty Ireland

Justin Moran

Colm O'Gorman

Amnesty International

Amnesty International started off in 1961 devoted to simple human rights. Campaigning for democrats imprisoned by dictators. That kind of thing.

Sadly, like many an organisation, they gradually got taken over by people with larger agendas. They are one of the worst examples of left-wing "mission creep". They now have opinions on every topic, and many of their opinions are awful.

They have stupid and offensive leftist politics on issues to do with the frontline Western states - the US, UK and Israel - and they are not trustworthy on those issues. On other parts of the world they are fairly objective. They are willing to criticise communists, Muslims, Arabs and black Africans, for example. (Whereas many on the left won't.)

Ultimately, their good parts are too weak to compensate for their bad parts. They have lost their way, and while I would quote their country reports for many countries, I would not donate to them any more.

The derangement of Amnesty in one image:
The most mentioned countries in Amnesty annual reports.
Israel is always no.1 or no.2.
From here.

Simplistic anti-Israel propaganda from Amnesty International.
At the time of the 2008-09 Gaza War.
Oh Thandie Newton I'm sorry I saw you talk such nonsense!
She says Israel has committed "war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza."
Trying to hit Hamas rocket teams is a "crime against humanity"? Talk about debasing the meaning of language.

The reality of the 2008-2009 Gaza war:
Hamas fighter calls for local children to come and help him escape from a building without being fired on from the air.
Their parents are happy for the children to be used in jihad.
The fighter leaves using the children as human shields.
Hamas knows how decent the Israelis are. They use that fact as a weapon of war in order to kill more Jews.


Amnesty says Jews building houses are "war crimes"

Nothing sums up the sad decline of Amnesty better than the fact that they now claim that Jews building houses are "war crimes". What a pathetic organisation.


I sum up the long and sad decline of Amnesty, July 2019.
From an organisation concerned about prisoners of conscience to an organisation concerned about where Jews live.

"How can I be happy while Jews are building houses?" - Amnesty International.
Image from here.

A "crime against humanity" used to mean something. It used to be a serious charge, of something like democide or genocide.
Now it just means any crime at all, real or imaginary. It just means anything leftists like Amnesty do not like.
If next week Amnesty describes Brexit as a "crime against humanity" it would not surprise me.

Amnesty wants to evict 225,000 Jews

For some reason, Amnesty is angry about 225,000 Jews who it says are living "illegally" in East Jerusalem, including in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

Lots of Jews living in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem makes Amnesty angry, for some reason, that says a lot about Amnesty and not about anyone else.


Amnesty officials interviewed by Times of Israel, Feb 2022.
What is extraordinary is how vague the Amnesty officials' hatred of Israel is. They sure hate Israel, and are angry at Jews living somewhere, but their answers as to why they are angry are as vague and jumbled as any students union leftist.

"Evict 0.6 million people from their homes", declares depraved, corrupted "human rights" organisation Amnesty, March 2023.

Supporting jihadis not prisoners of conscience

At some point Amnesty stopped supporting prisoners of conscience, and turned to defending the rights of violent people with contempt for human rights.

Amnesty's campaign for Mohmoud Abu Rideh (or Mahmud Abu Rideh) illustrates why I no longer support Amnesty.
At some point, Amnesty switched from defending foreign democrats and human rights campaigners to defending all prisoners - including violent people who despise democracy and human rights.
The useful leftie idiots who joined the above campaign got him freed in 2009.
In 2010, oddly enough, he was killed fighting with the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
Shame on Amnesty for defending jihadis like this and helping them do their evil work.

Amnesty MENA, 2 May 2023, mourns the death of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan.
The guy called for the killing of random Jews, and Amnesty does not care.
Amnesty main account also promotes this violent racist terrorist who hated human rights.

Amnesty, Aug 2023, campaigns for terrorist Walid Daqqah.
Daqqah led a group that tortured, disfigured, sexually mutilated and murdered an Israeli soldier in 1984.
What a disgusting organisation Amnesty is.

Supporting Islamists

Not only does Amnesty support Islamist prisoners, which is bad enough, but it even employs Islamists.

Amnesty is anti-Israel

Amnesty hosts an anti-Israel hatefest in London, May 2011.
This featured Islamic terror supporter Abd al-Bari Atwan, who supports nuking the Jews of Israel: "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight."
See also Michael Weiss and Richard Millett on Amnesty's Islamist partner Middle East Monitor (MEMO).
I will never donate to Amnesty again!

Amnesty at Dublin City University promotes a talk by Neturei Karta, 23 Feb 2011.
Why are Amnesty promoting hate-filled religious lunatics?

Elder of Ziyon contrasts two Amnesty reports in 2014 - on Israel (counter-jihad operations by a restrained liberal democracy) and Syria (disgusting butcher and dictator slaughters his own citizens).

Amnesty's obsession with Israel:
Breakdown of tweets by official Amnesty Twitter account, July-Aug 2015. (No, there was no war on. They just hate Israel.)
From here.

This tweet of 12 July 2015 shows why you can't trust Amnesty.
The house that the IAF attacked was a major Hamas command and control centre with at least six or seven terrorist fighters present.
But Amnesty thinks we don't need to know that.

Amnesty UK, Feb 2018, promotes both the communist oppressor Che Guevara and the Palestinian radical Ahed Tamimi, who supports suicide bombing Jews.

Syksy Rasanen, board member of Amnesty Finland, is angry at Germany banning Hezbollah, May 2020.
This person shows why I no longer donate to Amnesty, and never will again until they get rid of everyone like this.

PFLP terrorist Walid Daqqa dies in prison in April 2024.
He kidnapped an Israeli soldier who was hitch-hiking, cut off his penis and gouged out his eyes.
And here is how Amnesty reacts. They call him a "writer".

Amnesty International's "Apartheid" Video: 15 Lies in 15 Minutes.

Amnesty says America runs a "gulag"

The "gulag" comment must represent Amnesty's lowest moment ever.

The real gulag: The Soviet Story.

Mission creep

Amnesty used to be about prisoners of conscience. But they now seem to have an opinion on everything.

Amnesty Ireland runs a campaign about the quality of healthcare in Ireland, a rich western country.
Healthcare is already free in Ireland, and accounts for 20 to 25 percent of all state spending. Amnesty are complaining that its quality should be better (and taxes should be higher to pay for that).
You may agree or disagree, but this is a massive divergence from Amnesty's original mission into a general platform of left-leaning ideas that you may or may not support.



When slagging off Amnesty for mission creep, I jokingly suggested it had views on everything, maybe even Brexit. Little did I know I was right.

11 June 2016: Head of Amnesty Ireland (who later blocked me) assures me they have no position on Brexit. "Don't be daft."

28 June 2016: Amnesty UK attacks Brexit.

Amnesty, Jan 2017, has views on Donald Trump as well. They have views on everything.
It doesn't matter that I agree with them on Trump. The point is they have out-of-control mission creep.



I am pro-abortion myself, provided that the cut off point is early enough (1st trimester or so). However, Amnesty's decision in 2007 to take a position on this controversial topic is perhaps the biggest example of the mission creep that has totally changed the organisation.

It is quite a divergence from their original mission. Amnesty are a grab bag of leftist viewpoints, some of which I agree with, some of which I don't.


This is on the front page of Amnesty Ireland as at Dec 2014.
If you're anti-abortion, don't join Amnesty International.

Video attacking Amnesty from anti-abortion group Youth Defence.
I don't agree with Youth Defence. A blastocyst is not the same as a 25 week old fetus.
However, this does illustrate how Amnesty are not really a charity any more. They are a controversial political party now, with controversial positions that many people disagree with.

Amnesty Ireland

Sean MacBride, co-founder of Amnesty International, was a Nazi collaborator.
He served as International Chairman of Amnesty International 1965-74.
Extract from [McMahon, 2008].

After the war, Seán MacEntee writes with anger about Sean MacBride's wartime role.
Irish Press, Oct 17, 1947, p.4.

I miss the old Amnesty, the one that was about prisoners of conscience.

Hamas executes people without trial, Sept 2022.
Amnesty Ireland and Trocaire, who have opinions on literally everything in Israel, decline to tweet about it.

Justin Moran

As at 2012, former Sinn Fein activist Justin Moran was Communications Co-ordinator at Amnesty Ireland.

Amnesty's choice of him as its public face reveals a lot about its prejudices and blind spots on human rights.

Justin Moran, Communications Co-ordinator at Amnesty Ireland, was formerly (as at 2007) a prominent member of the human rights abusing group Sinn Fein. He was Chairperson of Dublin Sinn Féin.
The above is from Dublin Sinn Fein newsletter, 22 June 2007.
It also shows he was an anti-Israel activist.
His Facebook shows him remaining a strong supporter of Sinn Fein after joining Amnesty.
Amnesty Ireland has no credibility with people like this speaking for it.

Just to confirm it is the same guy:
(Left) Justin Moran of the human rights abusing group Sinn Fein in 2007.
(Right) Justin Moran of Amnesty Ireland as at 2012.

Martin McGuinness calls for the death penalty for "informers".
His organisation executed hundreds of "informers" without any evidence or any trial, and without defence barristers.
Justin Moran of Amnesty supported (and still supports) this organisation.
He openly supports Martin McGuinness on Facebook.

In this piece on China, July 16, 2009, Justin Moran of Amnesty claims to be opposed to the death penalty.
He also claims to be in favour of the right to "a fair and open trial".
Where was the fair and open trial of Paul Quinn when your organisation applied the death penalty to him in 2007?
Or the hundreds of others your organisation killed without trial?
Amnesty Ireland has no credibility with people like this speaking for it.

Justin Moran signs a 2004 petition calling for a boycott of Israel.
The future spokesman for Amnesty International Ireland calls for the ethnic cleansing of the 550,000 Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
He also wants a boycott of Israel: "The undersigned also urge all citizens of Ireland to support a boycott of all Israeli goods and services".

Justin Moran of Amnesty International (Ireland) looks forward to the death of Margaret Thatcher, Dec 2011.
His organisation (SF-IRA) failed to kill her in 1984 when it bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Justin Moran left Amnesty by 2014.
He worked for Age Action and is still on their Board of Directors.
He now works for the Irish Wind Energy Association.
He has not changed. Here he laughs at the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson getting the coronavirus, March 2020.

Colm O'Gorman

Colm O'Gorman, executive director of Amnesty Ireland from 2008 to 2022, took the organisation in a radical left, "woke" direction, in line with his politics, and far away from its original mission.

Despite the fact that he is gay himself, Colm O'Gorman is hostile to Israel, the only state in the Middle East where gays are free. Amnesty Ireland developed a strong and angry bias against Israel under his watch. He called for an arms embargo on Israel. He was an obsessed supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood prisoner Ibrahim Halawa.

Even though he is gone, Amnesty Ireland is unlikely to recover. No centre-right person could support Amnesty Ireland.

Colm O'Gorman issues a rather self-satisfied tweet on 8 Dec 2012.
He tosses in a dig at Israel.
So should he be on a list? Indeed he should. He should be on my list of gays who won't stand up for the state where gays are free, in its fight for survival with states where gays are oppressed and even liquidated. Being on that list is not something to be proud of.

Colm O'Gorman, 12 Aug 2014, who is gay, defends the Muslim Brotherhood prisoner Ibrahim Halawa as a "prisoner of conscience".

O'Gorman talks nonsense about the Halawa case.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Yusuf Al-Qaradawi replies.
He says about homosexuals: "The schools of thought disagree about the punishment. ... Some say we should throw them from a high place, like God did with the people of Sodom. Some say we should burn them, and so on. There is disagreement."

Colm O'Gorman engages with me in this thread, but never engages with my criticism of Amnesty's defence of the MB, Islamists and jihadists.
See more. Amnesty weakly argues that MB people may not be involved in MB violence.

I try in Dec 2016 to get Colm O'Gorman to engage with the fact that Ibrahim Halawa's father said gays should be executed.
He is angry with me. His anger with Ibrahim Halawa's father is non-existent.
He is so angry with me that he "likes" this insane tweet suggesting I am working for the Kremlin!
What the hell is wrong with him?

For years, I have sent him the evidence of Halawa links to the MB.
In Jan 2017, he makes it clear that he never reads any of it.
Colm O'Gorman is interested in everyone's opinions in Ireland except the Halawas.

In Nov 2017 I criticised the Halawa family one too many times for this guy's liking.
O'Gorman called Hussein Halawa "more progressive on women's rights than a Catholic Bishop".
I pointed out that he wants gays executed.
O'Gorman blocked me.

Amnesty used to refuse to defend people linked in any way to violence. Amnesty was a better organisation then.
This is from their 1964-65 report: "the movement recorded that it could not give the name of 'Prisoner of Conscience' to anyone associated with violence". They refused to defend IRA prisoners in the Troubles because they were violent. They refused to support Mandela because he was violent.
"Prisoner of conscience" used to mean something different.

Amnesty Ireland uses a Muslim Brotherhood supporter in their promotional video, Dec 2017.
Ibrahim Halawa could make a huge contribution if he publicly denounced (in English and Arabic) the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al Qaradawi, Salah Soltan, sharia law, and political Islam in general. In the absence of that, this video merely demonstrates a moral void at the heart of Amnesty.

Colm O'Gorman appears in March 2022 at a Sinn Fein event attacking Israel.
Happy to appear at an event run by the terrorist group Sinn Fein, he is also happy to appear on a platform with the PA dictatorship and the PFLP linked groups Addameer and Al Haq.
Amnesty is a sick organisation.
See full size. From here.

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