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The Clonskeagh mosque - The Halawa case - Debate with Patrick Brogan

Debate on Halawa with Patrick Brogan

Patrick Brogan, 11 July 2016, writes a different piece to the norm on Halawa. See tweet.

He deserves credit for reading my site and taking it seriously.

His dismissal of the mountain of evidence for Halawa extremism on my site is ludicrous, but at least he looked at it, which is more than can be said for most Halawa supporters. So credit for reading this site. But the article is full of problems.


My reply

  1. Brogan misquotes me. He says about me: "On social media, he makes the claim that Hussein Halawa is for light wife beating and the killing of gays. He doesn’t offer the evidence of when and where he said this. I think he might be putting the words of another cleric in his mouth. This other cleric is Yusuf al-Qaradawi."
  2. This is wrong. I never said Halawa supported wife-beating. If Brogan linked all his claims to a source he would see that. I said Qaradawi supports wife-beating.
  3. Also, I certainly do show where Halawa is quoted as calling for death for gays. Of course Qaradawi is quoted as calling for death for gays too.
  4. He says: "Mark Humphreys [sic] uses a picture of his emergency passport to suggest he did actually burn it." Not exactly. I never believed that story, because there was no evidence. But the new passport is odd, and makes me wonder could the story be true after all. I am agnostic until more evidence emerges.

  5. He does not deal with the massive mountain of evidence of Halawa MB links through the ECFR and other MB organisations. He does not read the detailed report: The Muslim Brotherhood in Ireland by Steven Merley. What is the ECFR in Brogan's universe?
  6. "Egyptians Abroad for Democracy" is not a pro-democracy group. It is a MB group. The MB in fact despises democracy.
  7. He says: "as we know, it was democracy and freedom that Ibrahim was searching for." Ludicrous. Halawa was fighting to oppress Egyptians under sharia law.
  8. He says: "there is a link to a picture of the jihadi flag upon the stage that Halawa addressed the rally. The flag is there, but no Ibrahim. This could be a picture taken from anywhere at anytime." Not any time. It is from the MB protests of July-Aug 2013, that Halawa spoke at. And not anywhere. It is the same stage. And look who is on stage: Salah Soltan, who Halawa quoted in his speech as his leader at this time. Would Brogan like to address the fact that Ibrahim cited two anti-semites in his 3 minute speech?

So I don't think much of his apologetics. But still, fair play for reading the enemy. He is far more intellectually curious than Donal O'Keeffe.


His reply

Patrick Brogan replies underneath the original piece.


My reply

Short points:

Dismissing the mountain of evidence:

The absurd idea that Ibrahim supports freedom and democracy:

Ultimately, I am baffled by Brogan not seeing that the Halawas are hardcore MB. It seems the only evidence he would accept is if they said they are MB members. But that is not going to happen.

It is good to have a civilized discussion at least. But sorry Patrick, "ludicrous" is the only word for your dismissal of the mountain of evidence that the Halawas and all their associates are hardcore MB Islamists.


Muslim Brotherhood leader Salah Soltan says that the Jews kidnap people to kill them and use their blood for making bread.
Ibrahim Halawa cited this guy as his leader in his speech.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi says that apostates and proselytisers must be killed.
Ibrahim Halawa cited this guy as his leader in his speech.


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