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Abuse I got for writing this article

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RSF is not a credible source

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Why I support Israel

by Mark Humphrys

Opinion piece in The College View, 20 Nov 2013.

I have been an online activist for Israel for many years now. I am often asked why I support Israel. I was asked recently by a Palestinian-supporter on Twitter, so here is my 140 character reply: "They have elections, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of sexuality. You guys don't."

And that's pretty much it. I am a supporter of the Western Enlightenment that started in the 17th century and led eventually to a great flowering of freedom of religion (including freedom to be an atheist, and freedom to criticise and mock religious figures), freedom of sexuality (including freedom to be gay, and to have pre-marital sex) and democracy and regular elections (including a free press and opposition parties that criticise the government without fear).

Western liberals should support countries and groups that follow secular Enlightenment values, and oppose countries and groups that do not. Therefore western liberals should support Israel and oppose their enemies (Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, The Arab League, Al Qaeda).

If the Palestinians believed in the values of the Western Enlightenment, I would re-consider. But they do not. In Gaza, Hamas implements a brutal religious sharia law. Mixing between the sexes is not allowed. Co-educational schools are attacked by armed gunmen. Hamas bans women from dancing, riding motor scooters, or wearing bikinis. They arrest women for "immodest" dress, or meeting men who are not relations. Hamas attacks the tiny minority of Christians. The only Christian shop in Gaza was firebombed and the owner executed. There are complaints of forced conversion to Islam. Opponents of Hamas are shot. All demos are banned. There is no parliamentary opposition (or parliament, or elections).

Fatah are no better. They also ban demos and do not run a parliamentary democracy. Arafat was described as "elected", but his opponent in the 1996 "election" was a nobody who represented no party, led no opposition and vanished back into obscurity afterwards. Meanwhile, Israel has had decades of open debate in a free parliament and an unbroken series of peaceful democratic elections since 1948.

While Fatah on the West Bank jails atheists for "insulting the divine essence", Israel is 30 percent atheist (far more secular than Ireland) and you can change your religion every week without the state caring. While Hamas in Gaza enforces Islamic dress, Israel has the only nude beach in the Middle East. While Fatah policemen arrest and torture homosexuals, Israel has gay pride parades. Tel Aviv was voted best gay city in the world in 2011. A particularly sad article last summer talked about a rare upcoming "Palestinian Queer Party" for gay Palestinians. Why sad? Because the event has be held in Israel for safety.

Now we could talk endlessly about other issues, such as the cause of the conflict - which is not land, or "settlements", but rather Islam, and the place of the dhimmi within Islam. We could talk endlessly about the "oppression" of the Palestinians - who got three times richer under Israeli occupation from 1967 until 2000, when Arafat destroyed everything with the intifada. We could talk endlessly about Israeli military actions - all of which are defensive and stop once the aggression stops. (No Israeli airstrike on the West Bank for years now.) We could talk about how the IDF tries hard not to hit civilians, while Hamas fighters, knowing this, deliberately surround themselves with crowds of children as they move about firing rockets.

We could talk about all these other issues, but ultimately these issues are not why I support Israel. I support Israel because it is a liberal state, and its enemies are not. The next Gay Pride Parade in Israel will take place in Tel Aviv on 13 June 2014. Perhaps some supporter of the Palestinians would like to tell us when the next gay pride parade under their rule will be.

Areopagitica (1644) by John Milton.
The influential argument for free speech of the early Western Enlightenment.
Flawed and limited, but it helped lead eventually to a great flowering of Western freedom.
Israel stands firmly in that tradition.

Two photos sum up why I support Israel

Comparison of the rapes in Tahrir Square in Egypt with the rape-free Tel Aviv water fights in Israel.
From here.

Another version. From here. Translated here.

I knew you wanted a larger version of that picture on the right, so here it is.
When I see scenes like this in the PA and Gaza, I will re-consider my hostility to them.

Tel Aviv water fight Facebook page. With their poster girl.
What a great country. An oasis of freedom.

Abuse I got for the above article

My hopes for "civil debate" above were of course quickly dashed. You can't talk about Israel without unleashing hatred and abuse from some people. There is no other topic like it.

Here's some of the abuse I got for writing the above article in defence of Israel.

"Bigot!" No platform!
From Derek McKenna.

"Ignorant!" "Lies!"
From Anthony Keane.

"Bigotry!" No platform!
From David Healion. Posted here.

"Wanker!" "Cesspit!" No platform!
From David Clougher.

"Wanker" again!
From David Clougher. Posted here.

"Clown!" "Bullshit!"
From Niall Scallan.
Who also tells us that Hamas implements Islamic sharia law in Gaza because ... Israel forces them to!
And Arafat never held an election because ... Israel wouldn't let him!

"Incredibly ignorant"

I was called "incredibly ignorant" by Adam Assahli.

But then he revealed some very odd opinions himself:

Adam Assahli says Gazans have "no other option" than carrying out terror attacks!

He then says in the comments that Hamas has to keep firing rockets at Israel, or else Israel will re-invade Gaza and start building settlements again!

My friend Derek Hopper wonders about anti-Israel people and their level of knowledge.

My favourite crazy tweet

This must be my favourite crazy tweet (of all the crazy tweets).
This guy has never heard of the Enlightenment!

A neo-Nazi doesn't like it

Oh no, a neo-Nazi doesn't like my article!
Actually, from his tweet I thought he was another silly leftist.
Then I clicked through to his profile, where you find stuff like this.

Kevin Charbel's response

Kevin Charbel started off very badly:

"Hate-filled!" "Uneducated!"
From Kevin Charbel.

But later he wrote a more sober response:

The single most criticised country at the UN is ... Israel!
Now under no possible theory is Israel more oppressive than, say, North Korea.
So how come Israel is criticised more than North Korea if the UN is "neutral"?
The above shows U.N. General Assembly resolutions in 2013. 21 on Israel. 4 on the rest of the world.

RSF is not a credible source

RSF says Qatar has a freer press than Israel. As a result, I say that RSF is not a credible source.

Press freedom rankings in the Middle East according to Freedom House 2012 report.
Freedom House is fairly neutral. RSF is not.

And note that Freedom House are not blindly pro-Israel. They ticked Israel over from 30, the bottom of "Free" in 2012, to 31, the top of "Partly Free" (the middle category) in 2013. Still a long way from the RSF view of the world, though.

Freedom House 2012 report on press freedom in Israel.

Freedom House 2012 report on press freedom in Qatar.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz calls on the President of Israel to resign, 24 Jan 2007.
It is commonplace in a western democracy that a newspaper would do this.
It would be unthinkable in a country like Qatar.

People who liked the article

People who liked my article included, among others:

Palestinian views on morality.
From Pew survey, Global Views on Morality 2013.

Israeli views on the same issues.


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