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The real freedom fighters of World War 2

IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

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IRA support for the Nazis

Sinn Fein / IRA people bizarrely have a self-image that their bigoted, sectarian, reactionary, violent group, with a paramilitary wing, are some kind of "anti-fascists". So they really hate it when you remind people what their organisation did in WW2.

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2 (the real ones, not just rhetorical ones). They ran safe houses for Nazi spies, aided Nazi intelligence, and even helped Nazi bombers. They supported Nazi Germany in print, and called for its victory in Europe. They wrote poems to Hitler, and threatened death to anyone who aided the Allied war effort. They planned to bring about a Nazi German invasion of Ireland, and would no doubt have been installed as a quisling government had Germany occupied Ireland.

As a group of violent fanatics devoted to hatred of Britain, SF/IRA has always been sympathetic to the enemies of Britain and the enemies of Western democracies. The IRA's support for the Nazis is the worst example, but there are others.

Introductory reading - online articles

Many people refuse to believe the information on this page. Here are some introductory online articles by professional historians:

Introductory reading - books


Introductory reading - primary sources

If you still refuse to believe me, then see the following page. These are primary sources - screenshots of original documents. Not secondary sources.

(*) Note that Brian Hanley is from a far leftist background with very different politics to me. But I still recommend his careful research. He was the guy who found that incredible poem to Hitler.


Nazi Collaborators - The IRA.
The Military Channel, 2011.
See parts two and three.


The IRA supported the Nazis, and the Nazis supported the IRA. The IRA helped the Luftwaffe bomb Belfast and Derry.

Hitler would of course have done to Ireland what he did to every other country. In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. No doubt Irish quislings would have helped in this, as quislings helped in every other country.

Luckily, the IRA failed in their plans, and the Jews of Ireland were not exterminated. The IRA has still not apologised for this.

The IRA helped the Luftwaffe bomb Belfast in 1941.
From p.397 of [McMahon, 2008].


The IRA was allied to the Nazis during the Holocaust

The IRA did not break off its alliance with Nazi Germany when the Holocaust started.

The Holocaust began in earnest with the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. Nazi Germany began the systematic extermination of the Jews of Europe, first with mobile death squads, later with gas chambers.

The IRA stayed allied to Nazi Germany during this period. The IRA Army Council re-affirmed this alliance in April 1942.

Mass execution of Jewish women, Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, in 1941.
This is photo 2725/1 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives.
See also photo 2725/11.

Jewish women and children lined up for execution in the massacre at Liepaja, Latvia, in Dec 1941.
This is photo 2573/24 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives.

In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. (See "Irland" in list B.)
In Feb 1942 the IRA was helping Nazi spies in Ireland.

In April 1942 the IRA Army Council passed a formal resolution supporting co-operation with Nazi Germany.
From p.223 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.
Chief-of-Staff of the IRA at this time was Seán McCool.
The IRA would be the Vichy regime if the Holocaust came to Ireland.

Nazis and Nazi supporters in Ireland

  1. Andrija Artukovic, Nazi war criminal given refuge in Ireland after the war.
  2. Norman Baillie-Stewart, wartime Nazi propagandist who settled in Ireland after the war.
  3. Tom Barry, famous guerrilla leader, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937, and Nazi collaborator. [12]
  4. Charles Bewley, Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany, Nazi propagandist. [1]
  5. James Brady, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  6. Dan Breen, extremist republican, and Nazi spy and collaborator. [16]
  7. Caitlín Brugha, widow of Cathal Brugha, and Nazi collaborator. [2]
  8. Joe Cahill, IRA in WW2 (and hence de facto Nazi collaborator) and later PIRA Army Council and Sinn Fein.
  9. Helmut Clissmann, Nazi spy. [11]
  10. John Codd, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  11. Paddy Devlin, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [10]
  12. Louis Feutren, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war. He taught French at St Conleth's College until 1985.
  13. Mick Fitzpatrick, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937-38, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  14. Oliver J. Flanagan praised Hitler for attacking the Jews, and in July 1945 hoped Hitler had survived. [17]
  15. Albert Folens, famous Irish schoolbooks publisher, and wartime Nazi collaborator.
  16. Hermann Goertz, Nazi spy. [18]
  17. Liam S. Gogan, poet, and Nazi collaborator. [3]
  18. Iseult Gonne, wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  19. Maud Gonne, Irish revolutionary, Yeats' muse, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  20. Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  21. Stephen Hayes, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1940-41, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  22. Stephen Held (and here), IRA man and Nazi collaborator.
  23. Eduard Hempel, Nazi Germany ambassador to Ireland in WW2.
  24. Alan Heusaff, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  25. William Joyce, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  26. Pearse Kelly, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  27. Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [5]
  28. Célestin Lainé, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  29. Albert Luykx, Flemish Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  30. Kathleen Lynn, Sinn Fein TD and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  31. Adolf Mahr, pre-war director of the National Museum of Ireland, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  32. Hugh McAteer, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  33. Sean MacBride, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1936, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [6]
  34. Seán McCool, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [7]
  35. Joseph McGarrity, head of Clan na Gael and Nazi collaborator. [13]
  36. Charlie McGuinness, Irish adventurer and Nazi collaborator. [8]
  37. Eoin McNamee, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  38. Pieter Menten, Nazi war criminal who lived in Ireland after the war.
  39. Helena Moloney, Cumann na mBan activist and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  40. Roisin Ni Mheara, wartime Nazi collaborator and postwar Holocaust denier.
  41. Seamus O'Donovan, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [14]
  42. Eoin O'Duffy, first leader of Fine Gael, and Nazi collaborator.
  43. John J. O'Kelly hated the Jews, and supported Hitler. [15]
  44. Fant Rozec, French Nazi collaborator who fled to Ireland after the war.
  45. Sean Russell, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1938-40, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  46. Frank Ryan, the "anti-fascist" turned Nazi collaborator.
  47. Gunther Schuetz, Nazi spy who lived in Ireland after the war.
  48. George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler. [9]
  49. Francis Stuart, author, Nazi collaborator and propagandist.
  50. Fay Taylour, motorcycle racer, and Nazi supporter.


This all means that, incredibly, these organisations were founded by Nazi collaborators:

  1. Fine Gael was co-founded in 1933 by a Nazi collaborator (Eoin O'Duffy).
  2. Amnesty International was co-founded in 1961 by a Nazi collaborator (Sean MacBride).
  3. Amnesty International (Ireland) was co-founded in 1962 by a Nazi spy (Helmut Clissmann).
  4. The SDLP was co-founded in 1970 by a Nazi collaborator (Paddy Devlin).

Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, was a Nazi collaborator.
The above is from The Guy Liddell Diaries (MI5 diaries), Volume 1: 1939-1942.

Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, was a Nazi collaborator.
The above is from the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Australia, 1 Feb 1943.

George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler, and denied the Holocaust happened.
Clip from The Soviet Story.

Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators

There are many Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators. And new ones being built all the time.

Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Charlie Kerins, opposite the Bon Secours Hospital, Tralee.
See street view.

"Charlie's" bar in Tralee is named after a Nazi collaborator.

Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Tom Barry.
Fitzgerald Park, Cork. See street view.
From here. See more.

There may be all sorts of good reasons why they did so, but the Irish state commemorated a Nazi collaborator with a postage stamp.
Nazi collaborator Sean MacBride appeared on an Irish stamp in 1994.
Nazi supporter George Bernard Shaw appeared on a stamp in the same set. (Shaw has appeared on Irish stamps multiple times.)

Frank Ryan


Viva la Quinta Brigada, song by Christy Moore celebrating Frank Ryan's fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
Christy Moore doesn't mean it to be, but unfortunately this is another memorial to a Nazi collaborator.

Incredibly, a new memorial to a Nazi collaborator was erected in Ireland in 2014.
Memorial to Frank Ryan erected at Limerick City Hall, Sept 2014. Shameful.


Sean Russell

From the unveiling of the Sean Russell statue in 1951.
What kind of a Nazi collaborators' day out would it be without a good old decade of the Rosary?

The shameful statue of the Nazi collaborator Sean Russell, Fairview Park, Dublin.
Here in July 2009 it has been vandalised, with Nazi flags painted on. Photo from here.
Henry McDonald, 9 May 2004, says: "Dublin remains the only city in democratic Europe where a figurine still stands in homage to a man who openly collaborated with the Nazis."
Even worse, as Tony Allwright points out, this is "the only statue in Dublin to an Irish volunteer killed during World War 2" - a stooge who died on a Nazi U-boat!
This statue should be removed by the state and destroyed.
Note I do not support non-state action against this statue (or any other Irish memorial to a Nazi collaborator). I believe in the rule of law, not the rule of direct action.

Seán McCool

In response to the listing here of Seán McCool as a Nazi collaborator, someone called Ruairi McCool sent me the following threatening email in Nov 2009. Instead of providing evidence that his (I assume) relative did not in fact collaborate with Nazi Germany, he writes:

Mr Humphrys,
How dare you label great warriors of Ireland Nazis! You don't deserve to live you Jewish bastard!
Eat shit! I'm a hero if I murder 100 Palestinians, am I?!

While one might understand an emotional reaction to having a relative criticised, a death threat is completely out of order. I referred the email to the Gardai.

He seems to deny that his relative was a Nazi collaborator. But this is fact, not opinion:

  1. The Secret Army, by J. Bowyer Bell, states that Seán McCool helped Nazi spy Günther Schütz in 1942.
  2. From pp.220-222 of 1997 edn of The Secret Army: When Seán McCool became Chief of Staff of the IRA in 1942, "McCool and McNamee were tireless and even took up the German thread again. On February 28, 1942, German Sergeant Gunther Schuetz escaped from Mountjoy. ... he disappeared down the old Republican pipeline to appear .. at Mrs Caítlín Brugha's house. ... McCool established direct contact with the Brughas and plans were begun to get Schuetz out of the country on a fishing boat with a shopping list of IRA needs." (McCool was captured in the middle of these plans.)
  3. Of course, it is no surprise that McCool helped Schütz and had contact with Nazi Germany. Every single Chief-of-Staff of the IRA from 1938 to 1944 collaborated with Nazi Germany. They only stopped because the Nazis lost the war, not because anybody thought collaborating with the Nazis was wrong.
I also had republican relatives who supported the Nazis and may have even collaborated with them. It was said that one of my relatives spent the day in tears when Hitler died. But unlike Ruairi McCool, I feel no need to defend them. They made their own decisions, and it is their shame not mine.

Seán McCool's collaboration with Nazi Germany in 1942.
From p.221 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.

Shinner reaction to this page

Defenders of the IRA and Sinn Fein react in various absurd ways to the information on this page. They often end up saying that supporting the Nazis was right.

"DuineEileAmhain" said it was all long ago. (And this from people who bang on about 1916, Cromwell and the Famine!)

Here is a classic example.
"AndrewDJMorgan" declares strongly that he is anti-Nazi, and Nazis should be "beaten".

The same guy, "AndrewDJMorgan", declares that the IRA supporting the Nazis in WW2 was fine.
From this thread about the IRA and the Nazis, which has other hilarious Shinners in it.

I sum up the above.

Sinn Fein hypocrisy

Modern Sinn Fein regularly calls its opponents "fascists", attacks Fine Gael as "blueshirts", and so on. This nauseating hypocrisy from the only party that supported the Nazis is amusingly easy to answer.

Nauseating Sinn Fein hypocrisy.
"Horrors of IRA collaboration with Nazis must be forgotten", more like.
SF-IRA, the party that collaborated with the Nazis in WW2, and threatened people who fought the Nazis with death, now lectures us about the Holocaust.

Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein, the person lecturing us about the Holocaust above, made a speech in 2003 honouring the Nazi collaborator, IRA leader Sean Russell.
From here.

More fun with Sinn Fein hypocrisy on Twitter, Dec 2014 - Jan 2015.
Fine Gael Minister Charlie Flanagan attacks Sinn Fein.
Sinn Fein TD Padraig MacLochlainn unwisely links Fine Gael to the Blueshirts.
A perfect chance for me to dump something like the above in the thread.
Answer that, Sinn Fein!

My tweet is mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph, 5 Jan 2015.

Sinn Fein Councillor blocks me for mentioning IRA support for Nazis.
In Aug 2016, I noticed anti-Israel Sinn Fein Councillor Paul Donnelly blocking various pro-Israel critics.
So I tweeted a link to my page: "IRA support for the Nazis - original documents".
One tweet, to a page of primary sources, not opinion.
He responded by blocking me.


The real freedom fighters of World War 2

The real freedom fighters of World War 2 were the men who defeated Hitler and saved Western democracy.


Freedom fighters: The US military, the UK military, and their allies land in France, 1944, to liberate Europe from the Nazis.
From here.
When the brave US troops landed in Northern Ireland in 1943 to prepare for the coming liberation of Europe, the IRA threatened to kill them. The Nazi collaborator Hugh McAteer, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA, denounced the American military presence in Northern Ireland as an "invasion of our rights" and warned that US troops could expect to be targeted by the IRA.

Not content with collaborating with the Nazis in WW2, the IRA even bombs those who did the right thing and fought the Nazis.
In 1987 in Enniskillen the IRA bombed a memorial service to the allies in WW2, killing 11 people.
Search for videos here and here.



IRA support for the Nazis - original documents


"Oh here's to Adolph Hitler,
Who made the Britons squeal,
Sure before the fight is ended
They will dance an Irish reel."

- The IRA's War News, 23 Nov 1940, applauding Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe.

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