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The Kevin Myers hysteria, July-Aug 2017 
<li><A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A>
Che Guevara
<li><A HREF="
Kevin Myers</A>, February 21, 2012, muses on  the   sort of tourists who will be attracted to this:
<A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A>
Graham Linehan
      <a href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers </a>
And  he really  also  needs to apologise to  Kevin Myers.
Ireland in World War 2
<li>  Kevin Myers estimates
 <A HREF="
<li> Kevin Myers above points out that:
The Irish left and Israel
<li> Raymond Deane v. Kevin Myers: 
<li> <A HREF="
<I>Cead mile failte to Hell, Mr Israeli ambassador</I></A>, Kevin Myers, 20 Aug 2010, on Ireland's anti-Israel prejudice.
<li> <A HREF="
Kevin Myers</A>, November 24, 2011, points out the pathetic nature of Raymond Deane and his fellow travellers,
The Irish left (media)
</B> And the same with Mark Steyn before and to a lesser extent Kevin Myers, who has a sort of humour value."</I>
<I>"I don't understand the Krauthammer phenomenon.  Obviously before Krauthammer you had that lunatic Mark Steyn.  The Irish Times
<i>"In this country it's easy to single out the worst: Independent Newspapers. Some people say that we in the IPSC are forever tar
The Irish right
<A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A>
<A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A> 
<A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A> 
<A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A> 
Islamic states
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Kevin Myers</A>, 27 May 2011, on <I>"the "Arab Spring" meme.
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Kevin Myers
<title> Kevin Myers </title>
Kevin Myers
<H1> Kevin Myers </H1>
For decades, Kevin Myers has been:
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers</A>
<li> Kevin Myers on the IRA:
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on the IRA</A>
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on Sinn Fein</A>
<li> Kevin Myers on   Israel:
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on Israel</A>
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on Gaza</A>
<li> Kevin Myers on     the Nazis and the Holocaust:
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on the Nazis</A>
<li> <A HREF="">Kevin Myers on the Holocaust</A>
Kevin  Myers has for decades 
Kevin Myers column  on  the Holocaust.<BR>
Kevin Myers column  on  the  modern European  anti-semitism
Kevin Myers column  on   <A HREF="sfira.nazis.html">the IRA's support for  the Nazis</A>.
Kevin Myers column  on   Israel.
Kevin Myers column  on   Israel.
  <A HREF="">The    2017 controversy</A>.
  Kevin  Myers got suddenly,  absurdly and unfairly  branded internationally
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(And <A HREF="">sea
(And <A HREF="
(And <A HREF="">search for text</A>
<li> Kevin Myers  has written some terrible articles.
<i>The sacking of Kevin Myers silences one of the best columnists in the British Isles</i></A>,
<A HREF=""> many things Myers  has written</A>.
<A HREF="">Kevin Myers won his case against RTE</A>  for defamation in Nov 20
<li> <A HREF="">Apology to Kevin Myers</A>, RTE, November
on Kevin Myers' vindication, 1 Dec 2019.
<li><a href="">Kevin Myers summarises the hysteria</a>, 29 July 2021. 
libels   Kevin Myers as a "Holocaust denier".
<li> His apology to Kevin Myers is now overdue. 
Kevin Myers in April 2022 celebrates his libel win against RTE.<br>
MPAC.IE (or MPAC Ireland)
and throws in snide asides about Kevin Myers and the war on terror,
Northern Ireland
Kevin Myers</A>, January 15, 2009, nails Irish neutrality:
<li><A HREF="
Kevin Myers</A>, 15 Feb 2013, welcomes  the historic joint British-Irish mission against the Islamists in Mali:
<li><A href="kevin.myers.html">Kevin Myers</A>
The root cause of Islamic terror
<li><A HREF="
Kevin Myers</A>, 9 Sept 2011, says followers of 
<li><A HREF="
Kevin Myers</A>, November 10, 2009, on the "grievances" of Islamism:
IRA support for the Nazis
<li><A HREF="
<I>Eichmann would get a statue if he'd had an Irish grandmother</I></A>, Kevin Myers, July 10, 2009.