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"Hijabs and hoodies"

The killing of Shaima Alawadi

The killing of Muslim mother of five Shaima Alawadi in California in March 2012 was at first blamed on "anti-Muslim hatred". A note was found at the murder scene which read: "GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY, YOU TERRORIST". Leftists and Islamists, in a storm of abuse, accused the counter-jihad of causing or inspiring the murder. Some leftists even named and blamed specific counterjihad people.

But alas (as many in the counterjihad predicted from the start) it turned out to be an Islamic honour killing. The husband was arrested, and convicted in April 2014.

The killing of Shaima Alawadi is an amazing story. It is the clash of Islam and the West in a nutshell. It is the failure of the left on Islam in a nutshell.

They got the guy who did it.
Click through to see video of verdict.

This story has everything

This story has everything:
  1. The importation of middle-eastern Islamic child marriages into the West. Kassim Alhimidi was born in 1964. Shaima Alawadi was born in 1980. They were married in 1991 when he was age 27 and she was age 11.
  2. Western indifference to women's rights in other cultures. Despite the illegal, paedophile marriage, the couple were allowed into the USA. America continued to tolerate this adult having sex with an under-age child. Their daughter was born in 1994 when the mother was 14 and the father was 30.
  3. The importation of middle-eastern Islamic honour killings into the West.
  4. The lies of the conservative, abusive Islamic killer that "Islamophobes" did it.
  5. The eagerness of the left and the media to blame "Islamophobes" for the killing.
  6. The willingness of some on the left to even blame specific counter-jihad writers for "inspiring" the killer.
  7. The political correctness that allowed the husband to leave the country for the funeral. He might never have returned.
  8. The stupidity of the husband in thinking it was safe to return. The prosecutor said: "He thought he had committed the perfect crime. He thought he had nothing to worry about."
  9. The marches of Muslims and the idiot left in defence of the hijab - a symbol of oppression - and against imaginary Islamophobic killers.
  10. The disinterest of both groups in the thousands of real victims of Islamic honour killings every year.
  11. The failure of the left and the media to apologise once it became clear they were wrong and the counter-jihad was right.
  12. The lack of interest of everybody - except the counter-jihad right - in reforming Islam so honour killings no longer happen.
  13. The decades of future honour killings we will see in the West because the left and the media don't stand against them.

Leftists and Islamists blame the counterjihad

Leftist Charles Johnson, 25 Mar 2012, goes straight to blaming Robert Spencer for the killing.
He is unable to produce any actual calls for killing from Robert Spencer.
Simply the declaration of Charles Johnson makes it so.
This was a particularly unfortunate choice by Johnson, since this turned out to be an Islamic honour killing.

Some leftist called Erin Nanasi blames Robert Spencer for the killing.

The anti-American, anti-Israel "rightist" Justin Raimondo of blames Robert Spencer and others on the right.
But in fact, it was an Islamic honour killing.
He later realises he was wrong. (Jump to "NOTES IN THE MARGIN".)


A site called "The Beauty of Islam" wants to show "the true beauty of Islam".
They make the error of covering this story.
Given that this involves an Islamic child marriage and an Islamic honour killing, I don't think these kind of stories reflect well on Islam.

The tags on the story on the anti-anti-jihad site Loonwatch.
"Islamophobia" is one of the tags. But the more accurate "Honour killing" is missing.

Irish site Storyful, 27 Mar 2012, covers the story, claiming it is a hate crime, and sympathetic to lots of ignorant tweets attacking America.
No alternative view is presented.
Do they plan to now cover the fact that this was all rubbish and it was an Islamic honour killing?

Even after the counterjihad was proved right, the left still attacks them as ignorant.
New information soon emerged casting doubt on the original story.
I'm not sure what Arun Gupta's point is in this article of 7 Apr 2012.
For some reason, he seems angry that Spencer and Geller called this one right.
Instead of applauding them, he sneers at them.
In the face of an honour killing, he still seems to have no interest in honour killings, but prefers to continue to track some imaginary "rise in Islamophobia".
In fact, the term "honour killing" never even appears in his article except when he is sneering at the right.

An alternative to blaming the counterjihad:
The Daily Beast, 1 Apr 2012, smeared America's military veterans as perhaps responsible for the killing.
They sympathetically quote the smears of activist lawyer Randy Hamud.
But it turned out to be an Islamic honour killing.

Reza Aslan

Anti-counterjihadist Reza Aslan specialises in smearing critics of Islam. He is no reformer. He is in fact part of the problem.

Reza Aslan issues a tweet in March 2012 saying counterjihadist Robert Spencer is to blame for the killing of Shaima Alawadi.
In fact, it was an Islamic honour killing.


Reza Aslan celebrated the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt in June 2012.
Tweet says: "Congratulations to Morsi!"

Reza Aslan, 12 Feb 2015, smears critics of Islam again.
He makes a sinister attempt to link English atheist Richard Dawkins to the Chapel Hill killing of Muslims.

In Aug 2016, a Somali Muslim, Zakaria Bulhan, killed an American tourist in Russell Square, London, when he attacked random people.
It is unconfirmed, but it appears that the above Goodreads account belongs to Zakaria Bulhan.
He recommends a devotional book by Reza Aslan.

Nathan Lean

Fanatic anti-counterjihadist Nathan Lean (see twitter) is editor-in-chief of Reza Aslan's site.


Nathan Lean laughs at the left-wing poison attack on Robert Spencer that put him in hospital in 2017.
Spencer describes Lean as "the most hate-filled human being I have ever encountered".


"Hijabs and hoodies"

Idiot students at UNC Chapel Hill on 29 Mar 2012 react to the Trayvon Martin case ("Killed for wearing a hoodie!") and the Shaima Alawadi case. ("Killed for wearing the hijab!") One obvious question the above photo raises but that will never be answered: What would the families of the above women do to them if they didn't wear the hijab?

The stupid is deep.
From here.

A bizarre jumble that I found here shows the inability of many westerners to defend women oppressed by Islam.
The man is expressing solidarity with Islam, which forces women to dress like this.
"Pandemic hatred towards women" is indeed a problem. But westerners like this will not criticise Islam for spreading such ideas for 1,400 years. They will not criticise Islam for oppressing women, treating them as a man's property, and forcing them to wear Islamic dress.

Iranian women post photos of themselves free of their head scarves.
Unlike the leftie western fools above, they know what the hijab really means (oppression).
From here on "My Stealthy Freedom".

Sara Azmeh Rasmussen burns the hijab, International Womens Day, Oslo, Norway, 2009.
Unlike the leftie fools above, she knows what the hijab means.

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