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Arab population growth

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The claim that Israel is a racist state

Israeli Arabs

The 1.5 million Arabs who find themselves within Israel are the lucky ones. They know how good they have it, and have no wish to join the corrupt and oppressive Palestinian Authority or, even worse, the Taliban rule of Hamas.


Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Arab-Muslim World.
From here.


See full size:
From BlueStarPR.

See full size:
From BlueStarPR.

Arabs are 16 percent of undergrads in Israeli universities. (Arabs are 20 percent of population.)
Grown strongly in recent years.
From 2018 article. And another 2018 article.

In 2013, the Israeli public voted for an Israeli Arab Christian, Lina Makoul, as winner of "The Voice".
Better proof that Israel is not a racist state you could not get.


Opinion polls

Israel's Arab neighbours hate the Jews.
The only Arabs who like the Jews are the 1.5 million Israeli Arabs who live with them.
From Pew Research Center 2009 poll. And here.

A nation comes together:
The 2023 Hamas massacre made Israeli Arabs feel more Israeli.
From thread.

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One of many great posters from Elder of Ziyon.

On "apartheid" against Arabs, Israel compares favourably to Europe.
See full size.
From here.

Haneen Zoabi

Not all Israeli Arabs like Israel, it is true.

The radical Israeli-Arab politician Haneen Zoabi comes to Ireland, Aug 2012, to pander to Irish prejudices against Israel.
But surely her very existence - as an Israeli Arab who hates Israel being allowed sit in the Knesset - proves the lie to these assertions of a racist, apartheid state?

The Zoabi family aren't all bad: Haneen Zoabi's cousin Mohammad Zoabi is a brave Arab secular Muslim supporter of Israel.

Israeli Arab Rania Fadel explains why she loves Israel, the country where she can be free.

Arab population growth

The Arab population of Israel keeps increasing. Because what Arab would want to live in the PA if they could live in Israel? People vote with their feet.

The Christian and Muslim populations of Israel keep growing.
Because it is a diverse, secular state that everyone is free in.
From here.

The ethnic cleansing of the Arab Muslims of Israel.
The world's slowest ethnic cleansing. From 330,000 in 1970 to 1.6 million in 2019.
From here.

Nobody could possibly answer this, could they?

Yes, they could.


The ethnic cleansing of the Arabs of Jerusalem


The ethnic cleansing of the Arab Muslims of Jerusalem.
From 121,000 in 1987 to 320,000 in 2016.
From here.

Despite decades of Israeli "occupation", "land grab" and "slow genocide", the Arab population of Jerusalem grows steadily.
The Jews must be really crap at this stuff!

From Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research.


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