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Irish "drag queen" performer "Panti Bliss" (Rory O'Neill) has for some time been one of the more idiotic public figures in Ireland.
Since the rise of trans ideology, he has become something more unpleasant.

Panti Bliss, 1 Apr 2015, issues an idiotic tweet about the Irish Muslim Brotherhood prisoner Ibrahim Halawa, then held in an Egyptian jail.

Panti is a clown on all issues related to Islam.
Here, after the Islamic jihad attack on a gay pub in Norway in June 2022, Panti blames shadowy "right wing forces", which I think here means feminists who disagree with trans ideology.
These "right wing forces" apparently cause Iranian Islamists to do their jihad.
Brilliant analysis from one of Ireland's most overrated people.

Gender-critical feminist Kellie-Jay Keen is attacked with a substance by an angry man in New Zealand on 25 Mar 2023.
From here.

Panti Bliss, 31 Mar 2023, supports the violence against Kellie-Jay Keen above.
To be clear, Panti Bliss, platformed by RTE and others, is a man supporting violence against women.

Panti Bliss, 22 Sept 2023, supports violence against a political opponent, John McGuirk.

Graham Linehan hilariously says that demanding we use Rory's sexist drag name is like demanding we call him "Honkers McMinge".


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