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Islam - Islam in the West - Islamic defacement of posters

  The jihad against H&M

"Muslim Patrol" attacks H&M

Leftist fellow travellers

Sex hating religious reactionaries are cool

Islamic defacement of posters

Surveys of Muslim immigrants in the USA and Europe and the UK and Ireland show that many Muslims in the West want to see Islamic sharia law implemented, and western freedom ended. In some surveys this is the majority of Muslim immigrants, in others a large minority:

Since sharia in the West will never happen, there are few ways for pro-sharia Muslims to vent their frustration with the decadent western society that tempts them and their children.

Since they cannot attack uncovered women, one obvious way for them to vent their frustration is to deface sexy posters on the street. This has become quite a theme.

Islamists deface sexy posters in London, June 2010.
A clear message of intimidation.

The defaced image is an ad for H&M.

The jihad against H&M

The Swedish multinational H&M seems to really annoy western Islamists with its sexy posters.

H&M ad offends Islamists in Birmingham, May 2011.

The uncensored image. From here.

"Muslim Patrol" attacks H&M

Islamist thugs vandalise H&M posters on London bus shelters.
Click through to play.
Report, Jan 2013.

More from these thugs. They call themselves "Muslim Patrol" and patrol the streets at night declaring "this is a Muslim area" and intimidating people.
The British police need to crush these vigilantes fast.
This is Great Britain. There should be zero tolerance for self-appointed jackbooted scum on the streets.

One of the leaders of "Muslim Patrol" was nutcase convert Jordan Horner ("­Jamal Uddin").
British law dealt with him in Dec 2013. He got over 1 year in prison.
And a 5 year ban on promoting sharia.

Jordan Horner appears in SyeTenAtheist's "Qur'an Gangbang" series.
See Episode 1 and Episode 2.

The defaced H&M poster. From the above.

The original image. This is supermodel Laetitia Casta.
See full size. From here.

See more images and videos for this ad campaign.
If religious maniacs attack H&M, everyone should support H&M.

Leftist fellow travellers of the Islamists

H&M has also angered anti-Israel westerners by opening stores in Israel in 2010.

Everyone should support H&M!

Israel-haters in Sweden want to boycott H&M because it opened stores in Israel.
They vandalise H&M posters with anti-Israel speech bubbles.
They are just fellow travellers of the Islamists who want to cover up H&M posters for "immodesty".

The disgusting jihad supporter Carlos Latuff has produced a number of anti-H&M, anti-Israel cartoons.
From here.
Everyone should support H&M!

Sex hating religious reactionaries are cool - if they are third world people

Leftists like the writers at The Guardian make excuses for sex hating religious reactionaries - if they are from the third world.

A left-Islamic graffiti artist (apparently male) covers up photos of sexy women on the Paris metro.
The Guardian, 11 Nov 2010, thinks it is cool.
The graffiti artist talks a lot of artistic bullshit about why they do it, but ultimately it will come across to most commuters as a message of intimidation: "Europe, this is your future. Your women's freedom will come to an end."
Why is this dreadful person somehow cool to the Guardian lefties? Imagine if it was a sex-hating Christian doing it. The Guardian would be horrified.

The defaced image is another ad for H&M.

I am so outraged by the censorship that I feel I must display an entire H&M bikini video.

I am still outraged.
We need another H&M bikini video!
Long live the Western Enlightenment and the Sexual Revolution!
Death to Theocracy and Sharia Law!
Music is "Lay Your Head Down" by Israeli singer-songwriter Keren Ann.

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