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Eoin Ó Murchú

The appalling Eoin Ó Murchú worked for RTE for years, despite his toxic politics.
It beggars belief the positions this guy has supported and still supports.

On Twitter he openly describes himself as a communist.
He seems to have a second account.


Member of Official Sinn Fein

The Lost Revolution, by Brian Hanley and Scott Millar, says Eoin Ó Murchú was on the Army Council of the Official IRA.
It says that in 1972 he went to Lebanon, where he met Abu Jihad to try to organise a shipment of arms to the Official IRA from the PLO.
Both groups were totalitarians at war with liberal parliamentary democracies.
Irish Times, May 6, 1970 and January 19, 1971 and December 31, 1973.


Member of Communist Party of Ireland


Irish Times, March 13, 1981 and June 18, 1984 and November 3, 1989.


Sneering at Jean McConville's family

Jean McConville was a widowed mother of 10, who was abducted and murdered by the IRA in 1972. Her body was not returned. Her 10 children were then orphaned, tearfully split up from each other, and sent to orphanages and homes, their lives ruined. Her body was not found until 2003.


In 2011, Eoin Ó Murchú responded with cruelty and brutality to an email from Jean McConville's family.
He said to them: "Please do not send any more of this obnoxious crap to me."
From here.


Supporter of Putin's Russia

In the modern era, O Murchu has been an open supporter of Russia's brutal, barbaric assault on Ukraine.


In March 2022, he tweets sick Russian propaganda.

After the Bucha massacre by Russian troops in March 2022, this Irish communist suggests the massacre is fake.
He follows this up by tweeting Russian regime propaganda about the massacre.

On 3 Oct 2023 he declares that "Russia's victory benefits the whole world" and Ukraine's desire to live and not be destroyed is "imperialism".

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