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Israel - Buy Israeli products

Buy Israeli products

I would like to display ads for Israeli products, to counter the boycott calls from ignorant leftists.

Tell me about ads I could use here.

Ad for Ahava cosmetics.

Ad for Jaffa juice.

Ad for Carmel wines from Israel.
From here.

Ad for Tivall foods.

Ad for Matimli fashion stores in Israel.
Copy here.

Israeli web companies.
The original image links to all their websites.

Buy Sabra hummus!
Because it's important to annoy these anti-Israel idiots.

Buy Tribe hummus!
Because it's important to annoy these anti-Israel idiots.

Israel tourism

More videos at

Israel tourism ad.
From (Israel Ministry of Tourism).

Ad for Israel tourism.
From Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Boycott Saudi Arabia!

The kind of boycott I would support:
Ethical Oil is trying to give us choice at the pumps - so we can buy Saudi-free oil.
I would happily pay more to buy my petrol from a free country like Canada or Norway, if I could avoid financing oppressive Islamic states like Saudi Arabia.
I would love to have the choice at the pumps. I would love to be able to boycott Saudi oil.

In defence of Israel (More Israeli ads)

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