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Modern leftists - Naomi Klein

  Avi Lewis

The Third World


The mind of the left

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein, despite her good intentions, is an enemy, not a friend, of the third world. Her ideas, if adopted, will increase, not decrease, poverty in the third world. The solution to third world poverty is democracy, capitalism, free trade and globalisation.

The genius Milton Friedman compared to the simple-minded leftist Naomi Klein.

Avi Lewis

Naomi Klein is married to the cynical Canadian leftist Avi Lewis.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali v. Avi Lewis.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali schools Avi Lewis.
Graphic found here.

"they have looked back at 5,000 years of human history - at pestilence and famine and disease and degradation, at genocide and civil war, at fear and loathing, at bigotry and ignorance, chauvinism and dictatorship - and concluded that our biggest problem is ... shopping."
- Daniel Finkelstein on the daft anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism and anti-globalisation preachers and campaigners who will keep the third world poor.

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