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The Halawa case - The passport story


Ibrahim Halawa's passport

In comments on the Halawa case there have been repeated claims that there was a video of Ibrahim Halawa destroying his Irish passport. Some people claim to have seen this video. But no one can provide a copy of it.

This is my position:

  1. I never saw such a video.
  2. I never saw evidence that such a video ever existed. Such as a broken link to it, dangling in old comments somewhere.
  3. I doubt such a video ever existed.

The story could be proven true by someone producing the video, a screenshot, or even a broken dangling link.

The story could be proven false by someone producing Ibrahim's passport, or by the Egyptian authorities confirming they took it.

So what is the rational position? On the one hand, there is no evidence of this video. On the other hand, it is true that Ibrahim's passport is lost and no one can prove what happened to it. In the absence of evidence, I am agnostic. I don't think we will ever know. And I don't think it is important. It is a distraction from the main issue.


The Irish left loves this story

The pro-Halawa Irish left loves the passport story. They obsess about it, and endlessly talk about it. They want to talk about nothing else.

If you try to talk to them about the main issue - which is Ibrahim's support for the Muslim Brotherhood - they will try to get you to talk about the passport story instead. They love this story. They use it to dismiss the entire anti-Halawa case. Talking about Yusuf Al Qaradawi and Salah Soltan is a loser for them. But talking about a fictional passport video is a win.

Sometimes I think the passport story was invented by the pro-Halawa left to avoid talking about the main issue.

Because this story is a distraction from the main issue, I have moved it to a separate page.

The only hard evidence


From 2013 to 2015 there was no evidence either way in the entire passport story.
Then in 2015 the above photo emerged. This is Ibrahim's passport as presented by the Halawa campaign.
From Buzzfeed article, 4 Nov 2015.
Note this is an emergency, 7 month passport issued by the Irish Embassy in Cairo in Nov 2013, after Halawa was arrested in Aug 2013.
This raises questions:

  1. Why did he need a new Irish passport? Where is his old passport? The official line is that the Egyptian authorities took it and lost it. But the Egyptian authorities have not confirmed this.
  2. The Reprieve campaign on 18 Aug 2014 said: "The Egyptian authorities have refused to consider an emergency passport provided by Irish consular officials as proof of Mr Halawa's age and nationality". If the Egyptian authorities know they took it and lost it, why do they refuse to consider the new passport?
  3. Maybe the explanation is simple: One part of Egyptian bureaucracy loses the passport. Another part of Egyptian bureaucracy refuses to accept new passport. No story. And we will never find any proof.

From 2013 to 2015, I never believed the story about a passport video, because no one ever presented any evidence.
But when I first discovered the emergency passport picture in Nov 2015, I tweeted asking if the passport story could be true after all. That would have been hilarious, and my tweet reflects the excitement of new evidence.
When no further evidence emerged, I stayed agnostic.

This thread in Aug 2017 gives a better view of my position.
I don't believe theory A or theory B.

More from the above thread.
I think we will never know what happened to his passport.
Either way, it's not important. What is important is Halawa support for radical Islamism.
But I can understand why Irish leftists would prefer to talk about this story.


Pro-Halawa leftists lie about me

Pro-Halawa leftists are some of the worst people in Ireland. So it is no surprise to find some of them lying about me that I am the source of the passport story.

You will notice that none of these liars link to evidence for their claims.


Someone called Lynda Murphy lies about me on an Irish Times page in July 2016.
She says: "You tweet that you don't believe the video of IH burning it exists. Your blog used to say otherwise." This is a total lie.
Everything she says about me is a lie, including the "Britain First" stuff. I never even mentioned Britain First on my site until Dec 2017.
Lynda cannot deal with my actual site so she just makes up lies. Notice how she does not link to evidence for her claims.

Someone called Shane Murphy lies about me on an RTE page in Nov 2017.
Everything he says about me is a lie.
Notice how he does not link to evidence for his claims.

Someone called "nkrera" lies about me on Reddit in July 2016.
"I believe ..", he says, instead of linking to evidence for his lies.

Someone called John Murphy ("murfinsurfin") lies about me on Twitter.
He has repeatedly lied about me on this issue. He accuses me of being identical with other people.
Notice how he does not link to evidence for his claims.

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