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  BLM are Marxist, conspiracy-theory, racists

BLM is a racist antisemitic hate group

Inter-racial crime

BLM got thousands of black people killed

Black Lives Matter (more)

Additions to the page on Black Lives Matter.
I like to keep the original page more or less untouched.

The full bodycam video of the arrest and death of George Floyd, May 2020.
The bodycam video shows the unending stream of bullshit and gibberish from George Floyd from the moment he sees the police.
He is clearly out of his head on drugs.
The police failed in their duty to take a drugged up, violent aggressive man alive. Not an easy job, but it is their job.

This is what brave police have to face everywhere, but especially in a country with guns.
A Pennsylvania traffic stop in 2017.
The driver would not cooperate and suddenly opened fire. He critically injured a cop but did not kill him.
He was sentenced to 55 to 110 years in prison in 2018.


The "gentle giant"

RTE ran a ludicrous story calling a violent home invader a "gentle giant".
I thought I would fix it.

Irish state TV RTE describes the armed home invader as a "gentle giant", 20 Apr 2021.

I fixed it.
OK. In fairness, describing him as a "violent giant" does not sound as good!

BLM are Marxist, conspiracy-theory, racists


Black Lives Matter, Instagram, Christmas 2021, shows they are Marxist, conspiracy-theory, racist nutcases.
They call on people to "buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses".
They say that: "White-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life".
Any old racist conspiracy theories are acceptable on the BLM Instagram, it seems.


BLM is a racist antisemitic hate group

The "Black Lives Matter" movement always hated Israel.
BLM UK in May 2021 promoted a genocidal slogan against the Jews of Israel.

After the barbaric Hamas massacre of over 1,000 Jews in Oct 2023, "Black Lives Matter" came out openly as a racist antisemitic hate group that promotes the killing of Jews.
Not an exaggeration. It is what they say.


Hamas used paragliders to land their terrorists in Israel and begin the massacre in Oct 2023.
BLM Chicago posted here this support for them.
After uproar, the racist lowlifes deleted their tweet.
BLM Chicago is a racist antisemitic hate group that promotes the killing of Jews.

BLM UK posted this after the Hamas massacre of Oct 2023.
BLM UK is a racist antisemitic hate group who no decent person should have anything to do with.

BLM Grassroots is a racist antisemitic hate group.
They posted this after the Hamas massacre of Oct 2023.


A good reply to Black Lives Matter's support for the killing of black people.


Inter-racial crime

Getting away from the stats about police shootings, what do inter-racial crime stats in general look like in the US?

Violent crime stats from the National Crime Victimization Survey.
This is Table 14 of Criminal Victimization, 2018, Bureau of Justice Statistics.
It is only an estimate (a good estimate, but only an estimate) of violent crime in the year, and who did it.
"Offender race/ethnicity is based on victims' perceptions of offenders."
Focusing only on inter-racial crime, and excluding Asians (for whom stats are very low), we get:


This meme got a lot of attention in 2023 when Elon Musk promoted it.
Many people furiously screamed that it was fake. But as we see, the data comes from above and is accurate.
Original source of meme unknown.
The meme is really about the media. Humans prefer narratives to facts. The job of the media should be to force facts in our face. But the media prefers narratives too.

The US media helps Americans form a distorted view of crime and violence.
Here is a perfect illustration.
In April 2023, a white man in Missouri shot a black teen for going to the wrong door, and a black man in North Carolina shot a white child and her parents for a ball rolling into his yard. And here is how the media covered the two stories.
Posted here. From here.


BLM got thousands of black people killed


From article: Massive increase in Black Americans murdered was result of defund police movement, April 19, 2022.

Massive increase in both homicides of blacks and fatal traffic accidents for blacks since the George Floyd summer of anti-police hysteria.
BLM got thousands of black people killed.
Posted here.

Baltimore police officer Keona Holley was murdered in Dec 2021.
She was assassinated sitting alone in her patrol car at 1:30 a.m. in southern Baltimore.
The "Black Lives Matter" narrative does not have room for the life of Keona Holley. The "All Lives Matter" approach does.


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