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Modern leftists - Ted Rall

Ted Rall

"Terror Widows", Feb 2002.
Ted Rall laughs at the 9/11 victims.
One of the 9/11 widows, A.R. Torres, replies to Rall.

Jihad-lover Ted Rall attacks anyone who fights the jihad, such as Pat Tillman (April 2004).
It makes sense that a jihad-lover would hate those who fight the jihad.
The fascist vermin of the Taliban are the "resistance" to Ted Rall! He does not know the first thing about them.
See: The Left Smears an American Hero, Ben Johnson, 5 May 2004.

Rall compares American soldiers to suicide bombers, July 2007.

Rall sneers at American soldiers as idiots, Oct 2007.

Rall slanders the brave Israeli military (July 2014).

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