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The anti-counterjihad - "Hope not Hate"

  "Hope not Hate" and the network of pro-jihad hate sites

"Hope not Hate" report on the counter-jihad

"Hope not Hate"


"Hope not Hate" and the network of pro-jihad hate sites

"Hope not Hate" loves to smear others.
But they themselves could easily be seen as part of a network of pro-jihad hate sites and individuals.


This is the entire blogroll (as at Apr 2012) at "Hope not Hate".
Enemies of jihad: 0.
Enemies of sharia: 0.
Western socialists: Everyone.

Socialist Unity promotes George Galloway and Respect, perhaps the leading supporters of Islamic jihad in Britain.
See open support for Islamic jihad from George Galloway and Respect.
Since Galloway supports Islamic terror, and Socialist Unity supports Galloway, and "Hope not Hate" supports Socialist Unity, doesn't this make "Hope not Hate" a hate site? Or at least, part of a loose network of pro-jihad hate sites?

Socialist Unity promotes the dictator Nasser of Egypt.
Nasser of course supported the Nazis in WW2, and wanted to finish the Nazi program by carrying out a second Holocaust of the Jews of Israel. Luckily he failed.
See Harry's Place and CiF Watch for more on Socialist Unity.
"Hope not Hate" promotes this site!

Nasser and his fellow Arab dictators plan a final Holocaust of the Jews of Israel in 1967.
Nasser said in May 1967: "Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel."
But in one brilliant day, Israel destroyed the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian Air Forces.
The enemy thug Nasser ended up losing control of Gaza and the Sinai.
The hate site "Socialist Unity" promotes this man.

Nasser supported the Nazis in WW2.
After the war, Nasser gave refuge in Egypt to Nazis like Aribert Heim and Johann von Leers.
Since Nasser supported the Nazis, and Socialist Unity supports Nasser, and "Hope not Hate" supports Socialist Unity, doesn't this make "Hope not Hate" part of a network of pro-Nazi hate sites?

Nasser kicking the Jew (Israel) into the sea, with the armies of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq supporting him.
Cartoon at the time of the Six Day War in 1967.
From here.
Socialist Unity supports Nasser, and "Hope not Hate" supports Socialist Unity.

"Hope not Hate" report on the counter-jihad, 2012

The disgusting Hope not Hate site, April 2012, tries to smear all opponents of Islamist oppression and violence by linking them to the mentally ill loner Anders Behring Breivik, who none of them support. Many of them in fact have called for Breivik to be executed. But don't let that stand in your way.

Is "Hope not Hate" fingering critics of Islam for assassination?

Hilarious bit of comedy in Feb 2016:
"Hope Not Hate" head is "no-platformed" by left-wing students for being "Islamophobic".
(Horrible loony leftie is "no-platformed" by even more horrible, even loonier, lefties.)

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