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Left v. right violence - The Norway attacks - Is the counterjihad to blame?

The Norway attacks - Is the counterjihad to blame?

The mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik cited many counterjihad writers as he bombed Oslo and slaughtered leftist teenagers in July 2011. He cited many peaceful supporters of the West and many peaceful opponents of jihad and sharia who have never called for violence. Are these counterjihad writers responsible for what he did?

Ultimately, all the attempts to blame counterjihad writers for Breivik fail. They fail because none of these writers support Breivik. None of them knew what he was like before the massacre. None of them subscribe to the totalitarian and terrorist ideas in his manifesto, which was only revealed on the day of the attack. None of them applaud his attack. Some even call for his execution. He may link to them, but they do not return the compliment.

Here on this page I gather many of the denunciations of Breivik by the counter-jihad.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the English-language extracts here are from the Google translation of Breivik's comments on

The gay anti-jihadist Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a leftist in 2002.
If the counterjihad - by demonising the left - is to blame for Breivik, then the left - by demonising Pim Fortuyn - is to blame for his murder. And will be to blame if Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller now get murdered.
(Of course, I think neither is responsible. "Demonising" or criticising people is just normal politics, so long as no one calls for violence.)

The killer was a strange type of "counterjihad" person - one who wanted an alliance with the global jihad!
The above is from his manifesto.
In what sense is a rising fanatic Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East "useful" for Europeans and Israel? Nutcase.
Not to mention his contempt for the Christians and minorities of the Middle East who would have to live under it.
He proposes carrying out certain terrorist attacks in the West that are "acceptable" to the jihad.
This man is mentally ill.

Breivik praises Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna

Breivik praises all sorts of peaceful anti-jihad sites, that never call for violence, that I have linked to and will continue to link to.

He praises Gates of Vienna, Brussels Journal, Jihad Watch and The Religion of Peace.
I link to all of these.
See original from here. Also here.
Jihad Watch of course despises him: "as if killing a lot of children aids the defense against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, or has anything remotely to do with anything we have ever advocated. ... Some nutcase who allegedly expressed allegiance with the [counter-jihad] freedom fighters kills people, none of whom are preaching Sharia or Islamic supremacism."
Gates of Vienna of course despises him: "This foul deed puts the man outside the pale of any human community. I categorically reject the claim that he is "one of us". ... By his acts he is judged, and those killings, ipso facto, make him a City of One, alone in whatever hatred or insanity he dwells."
Gates of Vienna links to me.

He praises SIOE and the EDL, but mainly because he regards them as non-racist.
He opposes the BNP because it is racist.
See original from here. Also here.
SIOE of course despises him (also here): "There is no way that any sane person could possibly conclude that committing mass murder of children would advance the principles for which we stand."
More from SIOE: "This disgusting neo-Nazi ... epitomizes the disrespect for life and the contempt for humane values that terrorism embodies, and that we have dedicated our lives to resisting."

Breivik links to Pamela Geller

He links to Pamela Geller.
See original from here. Also here.
I link to Pamela Geller too.
Pamela Geller of course despises him: "there is no compunction in associating me with a mass murderer based on one referring link three years ago. McVeigh watched CNN when he lost it over Waco, so I guess CNN is a terrorist org?"
More from Pamela Geller: "This abject loser lowered himself to sub-human status. And he has done this wholly on his own. Nowhere does Christianity or the counter jihad movement call for violence of any kind. ... The pity, of course, is that Norway does not have the death penalty. Because Anders Behring Breivik so richly deserves it."

Breivik links to LGF and Daniel Pipes

He links to 2006-era LGF (before it went left-wing) and Daniel Pipes.
I link to both of these.
The above is the original. From here. Also here.
Daniel Pipes of course despises him: "Unfortunately, my readership includes some evil people."

Irony: The now far-left Charles Johnson of LGF crows that Breivik is a Pamela Geller fan.
But he does not note that Breivik is an LGF fan too.

Breivik praises Fjordman

He praises Fjordman.
I link to Fjordman too.
See original from here. Also here.
Fjordman of course despises him: "the evil shooter from Utya".
More from Fjordman: "I have read about the unspeakable things Anders Behring Breivik did at Utya. Any person doing such a thing is a monster. He murdered dozens of people in cold blood and injured countless others, mentally or physically.".
More from Fjordman: "Whoever committed those unspeakable atrocities is a monster and deserves just as little pity as he gave to his innocent, unarmed victims. ... His total lack of respect for human life is not, however, something he can have picked up from me, or from any of the other Islam-critical writers I know such as Robert Spencer or Bat Ye'or."

Breivik praises Bruce Bawer

He praises gay anti-jihadist Bruce Bawer.
So do I.
See original from here. Also here.

Breivik praises Geert Wilders

He praises Geert Wilders.
"Anders B" is apparently him.
Google translate of this page. See original.
Wilders of course despises him: "Wilders said "the attacker is a violent, sick psychopath", adding that the Freedom Party "abhors everything the man stands for""
More from Wilders: "It fills me with disgust that the perpetrator refers to the PVV and me in his manifesto. ... We are democrats at heart. The Freedom Party has never, ever called for violence and will never do. We believe in the power of the ballot box and the wisdom of the voter. Not bombs and guns."
More from Wilders: "The assassin ... said that he had committed his atrocity because "It is meaningless to participate in the democratic process." But he is wrong! The mass murderer from Oslo murdered and maimed, and he justified his heinous crime by denying - I quote - "that it is remotely possible to change the system democratically." - end of quote. But he is wrong! The Oslo murderer falsely claims to be one of us. But he is not one of us. We abhor violence. We are democrats. ... The truth is that Islam can be successfully fought with democratic means. We do so in the Netherlands. You can do so, too".

The left blames the counterjihad

The left of course blames the counterjihad for giving rise to the mass killer. But they rather ignore the fact that the counterjihad figures they blame have never called for violence and do not support Breivik.

Top people cited by Breivik, by number of cites.
See full list.

Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi - and linking to intemperate counterjihad sites

I have had a long-running offline debate with the ever interesting Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi about the more intemperate counterjihad sites. He says I should not ever link to them. I say linking to one post or essay does not mean I agree with everything they ever say.

I plan to do a proper page on this in the future. In the meantime, a few points:

Writing critically about anything constitutes incitement to violence

Breivik quotes from Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC motoring show Top Gear.
This is from Breivik's 1500 page "manifesto".
The very idea that Jeremy Clarkson calls for revolutionary terror is of course ludicrous.
But so is the very idea that Robert Spencer calls for revolutionary terror.

Jeremy Clarkson celebrates the 1942 St Nazaire Raid.
Obviously Clarkson must be stopped from presenting any more jingoistic, pro-West programs like this, lest they inspire another mass killer.

Actual incitement to violence - Pat Dollard

The only counter-jihadist I have seen to actually call for violence is Pat Dollard. What a disgrace he is.
Note that his profile has him wearing military gear, but he was never a soldier.

Pat Dollard issued this inexcusable tweet on 2 Apr 2014 after the 2014 Fort Hood shooting (which turned out not to be jihad).
Despite a storm of protest, he refused to delete it and refused to explain.
All counter-jihadists should dissociate themselves from him.
I have removed all links to him.
Like Breivik, he's an "anti-terrorist" guy who calls for terrorist attacks on Western streets. I think we can do without that type of "anti-terrorist" guy, thank you very much.

"It is ridiculous to conduct a witch hunt on Fjordman. He is against violence and for democracy."
- Anders Behring Breivik at his trial, Apr 2012, recognises in his madness that there is some clear water between him and the normal counterjihad.

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