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The Irish left - GowlBlocker


GowlBlocker was a fascinating insight into Irish far left mentality.

In 2019, some Irish leftists started using a Block Together block list on Twitter called "GowlBlocker" to block non-left thought.

By 2021, Block Together itself was closed. But for a while, we could see who was on the "GowlBlocker" list and it was fascinating.


GowlBlocker blocked me, and a wide range of non-left voices.

People blocked by Irish snowflake blocklist "GowlBlocker":

Tony Allwright
Architectural Revival
Gerard Batten
Glenn Beck
Julie Bindel
Blaze TV
Angelo Bottone
Niall Boylan
Robert Burke
Ian Miles Cheong
Pat Condell
Steven Crowder
The Daily Caller
The Daily Wire
Andrew Doyle
Dinesh D'Souza
Andrew Duncan
"Jarvis Dupont"
Ruth Dudley Edwards
Obianuju Ekeocha
European Beauty
Nigel Farage
Guido Fawkes
Niall Foley
Killian Foley-Walsh
Laurence Fox
Declan Ganley
Jamie Glazov
Sebastian Gorka
Franklin Graham
Darren Grimes
Gript Media
Greg Gutfeld
Julia Hartley-Brewer
Mollie Hemingway
Human Life International
Mark Humphrys
Laura Ingraham
Iona Institute
Irexit party
Raheem Kassam
Gary Kavanagh
Hermann Kelly
Michael Kelly
Col. Richard Kemp
Mary Kenny
Charlie Kirk
Claire Lehmann
Ezra Levant
Graham Linehan
Love Both (Ireland)
"Titania McGrath"
John McGuirk
Michelle Malkin
Keith Mills
Piers Morgan
Ronan Mullen
Douglas Murray
Andy Ngo
John Nolte
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O Dubhda
Neil O'Mahony
Paul O'Mahony
Tracey O'Mahony
Rita Panahi
Jordan Peterson
Tim Pool
Dennis Prager
David Quinn
Rebel News
Keith Redmond
Renua party
Joe Rogan
Dave Rubin
Ben Shapiro
Lindsay Shepherd
Cora Sherlock
Christina Hoff Sommers
Robert Spencer
Spiked magazine
David Vance
Bill Warner
Blaire White
Geert Wilders
"Wrightly Willowleaf"
James Woods
Cathy Young

List of some of the people blocked by GowlBlocker.
See above as an image.


I think the GowlBlocker people appear in this video.


Aidan O'Brien

GowlBlocker appears to be linked to a guy called Aidan O'Brien ("artimusfoul").
And yes, he is just what you expect.

O'Brien calls me a "festering bin bag of racism & bigotry."

O'Brien tries to link me to all sorts of random Nazis I have never heard of.
He used to be faceless, by the way. Now he has a face.

O'Brien calls me a racist for criticising a racist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood.
This was the last straw for me and I blocked him.
I was willing to debate him, but all he wanted to do was abuse me.


The Rubber Bandits

Tedious musicians/pundits The Rubber Bandits promote GowlBlocker. Because they do not like debate.

July 2017: Rubber Bandits have terrible politics.
I still wouldn't block them though.

Mar 2019: Annoying musicians have annoying politics.
Here they support a boycott of the 0.6 million Jews who live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
I still wouldn't block them though.

Mar 2019: My reply references the Limerick boycott of 1904.

Nov 2019: Rubber Bandits promote GowlBlocker.
Rubber Bandits block me now.


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