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Finbar Prendergast

In March 2019, a malicious Twitter user called "Finbar Prendergast" (user prenners, less than 50 followers) abused the Twitter complaints process in order to get Twitter to ban popular right-of-centre Irish commentator Paddy Manning (user paddyjmanning, 12,000 followers).

Since 2016, Twitter is broken. Twitter's complaints process is incredibly broken and wide open to this kind of abuse. And this is a great example.

This page explains what happened.

The troll in question.
It seems unlikely this is a real name or real photo.


The malicious complaint


Paddy Manning tweeted this harmlessly amusing tweet after an egg was thrown at the extremist British politician Jeremy Corbyn on 3 March 2019.
He is slagging off the anti-semitic conspiracy theorists that flock to Corbyn's Labour.

This guy Finbar Prendergast, who disagrees with Paddy's politics, decided to try to get Paddy banned for the above tweet. So he made a malicious complaint. Maybe the AI bot or outsourced worker dealing with the complaint could be fooled into thinking Paddy's tweet was anti-semitic, rather than slagging off anti-semites.

It worked! Paddy was banned from Twitter.
See full size. From Paddy's Facebook.

Finbar Prendergast boasts that it was him who made the malicious complaint. He is delighted that it worked.


The troll is having a great time


From here.
I don't think Finbar Prendergast is an anti-semite.
I think he just enjoys making malicious complaints and getting people banned.
Twitter needs to fix this.
And remove Finbar Prendergast's account.

It's all a game to the troll. He is having a great time.


The troll goes completely mad

In response to this page, this guy has gone completely mad.

The troll targets me.

He sends a shooting threat to someone.

He libels me.

He harasses my employer.

"Fuck your mother".
Twitter listens to the pious, pleading (and entirely fake) complaints of trolls like this.
From here and here.

In April 2019, after many complaints about his behaviour, from many people, the troll prenners was suspended.
But Paddy Manning is still gone. Twitter is still obeying the troll that they themselves suspended.


The troll returns

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